Children’s Entertainment for all Family Events

Chuckle Chops with Chucksie his mischievous dog puppet

Chuckle Chops is an hilarious children’s magician – gets kids laughing and keeps them laughing from start to finish. He uses his powerful clown-style humour to build a strong rapport with his young audience and put them at ease. They soon start to relax and feel part of the magic show.

He introduces Chucksie, the ‘talking’ dog puppet who is cute, but mischievously silly! His antics include barking, meowing and playful teasing. Mr Chuckle Chops then performs a series of popular magic routines with child-friendly props that engage, entertain and encourage more laughter. Things appear to go wrong – until the children help out. They are made to feel the star of the magic show. Contact Us to find out more or to book .

Children at birthday party
Children’s Birthday Party

Birthday Party Entertainer

Got your child’s birthday party or a family event coming up? Looking for an excellent children’s entertainer to provide a kids’ disco, magic show, balloon modelling, face painting to ensure they have a great time and remember it for years to come? Invite Chuckle Chops along and you can join in the fun. He adds magic and laughter to any family event – anywhere there are kids. He will take care of the stress of keeping them entertained so you don’t have to. There’s only one problem you’ll have to deal with – they won’t stop talking about it for ages after! Contact Us to find out about prices and availability.

Chuckle Chops with Cheeky Monkey

Corporate Events

What better way to attract children and families to your organisation’s event than to invite Chuckle Chops along to provide children’s entertainment? He’s a first class entertainer to have not only at your fun-day, fetes & fairs, charity events and fundraising, but also store openings or anniversaries. Chuckle Chops will clown around, bringing fun and laughter wherever he goes. He uses his skills to build an outstanding rapport with kids and adults to turn your event into a memory they’ll never forget. It’s also is an ideal way to say thanks to customers or staff, or simply to bring in more business. To discover what he can do for you Contact Us now.

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